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Unfortunately, compensation is taken to be like a performance review, but objective, so you often need to change your story later for career reasons. In finance, some firms won't hire analysts who didn't make top bonus, which means you need to figure out what that level is-- and it varies widely. (Top bonus in a shitty year is often less than the lowest-tier in a good year, at least for entry-level roles.) If you let too many people know what you make, it gets harder to reshape your story if you need to do it.

(By the way, this should be obvious, but you should avoid naming numbers unless you absolutely have to. If a future employer asks what bonus you got, just say, regardless of what's true, "I received the highest bonus available for my role and seniority and I'm contractually disallowed to give specific numbers.")

This is also an area where it's hard to tell whether you'll need an upward or downward revision until you're in that situation. Upgrading makes it look like you were a strong performer whereas downgrading gives you a socially acceptable excuse for leaving a job or a better "trend". Of course, the smartest thing to do is not to give these numbers out ever.

I actually think LinkedIn is a bad idea for a lot of people, for the same reason, but pertaining to job titles and dates. Accidental consistency risk is enough of a danger (people who forget their exact job titles 12 years ago) to be cautious, and then consider the fact that, although people don't anticipate ever needing "creative career repair", shit happens and sometimes people do.

Finally, my attitude is just that it's none of anyone's business what I, personally, make. I'll gladly share my estimates of what various levels of engineer can earn on the market as it currently is, and my general sense of what engineers are worth, but strategically important information ought to be safeguarded, especially in this world.

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