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The inflation-adjusted equivalent of $200 in 1980 (that the original comment was referring to) would be over $500 today, which is enough to buy a new laptop. For $200 you can still pick up a fairly reasonable used machine - or if you're a kid, you might be able to get your parent's old machine for free. Not to mention that today, computers are available for free in many schools.

Inflation arguments don't really work for a lot of people's income. Check people's actual salaries versus inflation and why companies find it so important to get consumer electronics below the $200 barrier.

Computers in schools aren't used for programming anymore. It went the way of vocational programs since teachers are not hired to teach it specifically and a generalist cannot. Computers are web browsers, readers, and run specific education software.

There is a need for that Sinclair / Commodore price and it has been replaced with iPods and smart phones.

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