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That's funny because I came here to see if anyone was pointing out how common it was in Sweden for people to avoid the subject.

I'd say it varies from person to person though because me and another guy at my department managed to get others to open up just by being open about it ourselves and joking.

The sad thing that some people can't endure that without turning it into a pissing contest for some sort of imaginary alpha-male position.

Yes, I'd say parent has it wrong. In Denmark it is certainly taboo to discuss salary and I would be rather surprised if there were cultural differences on that point between Denmark and Sweden.

It's very much about context - there are situations/people with whom I wouldn't mind discussing it, but there are also situations where it would be clearly awkward.

These situations do occur where I work because our company is the result of multiple mergers over the past 4 years. So I work with people who feel like they've been there from the start but my entry salary was just as high, or higher, than theirs because I was hired in the new company form.

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