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Sure you can quote stats all day, but it depends on your target audience. If you are running a tech website (such as HN/TC/Reddit/etc) you will see a HUGE portion of visitors using browsers like Chrome/Firefox and hardly any IE.

However if you are building websites that regular people use they still use XP and IE7... so much so that it can account for 10-30% of your website traffic.. It really pains me when HTML frameworks like Foundation 3.x drop support for IE7[1] and below because there is still the userbase there.

IE7/8 is not dead for most of the world yet. People who run statcounter websites are getting data from people who run their tools. I would trust if someone like Google Analytics released an average browser usage as they are more widely used. Who the F uses statcounter nowadays?

[1] Though you can do tricks/hacks to make it work for IE7.

Adding many lines of code to a library to support two browsers that have 1.5% of worldwide share and should die because we would all be better off if they did is not the right solution.

Those who still have a need to support those browsers should code up and release an additional library that adds support to garlic.js so it can be used only by those that need it.

In fact, it'd be great if every library added cross browser support for old browsers as add-ons to libraries instead of making them a core part of the library.

Oh of course IE8 isn't going anywhere, but there is no reason at all for people to be on 7. Can you explain why someone on XP would move off 6 but not go all the way?

Grandkid/nephew/neighbour's kid was around to do one upgrade but not the other?

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