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nathanbarry 524 days ago | link | parent

Related: has sharing financial information, either personal or about your company, ever caused you problems?

I am very grateful to everyone who showed me, through their transparency, that it is possible to make a living through self publishing books and software, so I've made a commitment to share my own numbers.

But I'm wondering what problems this transparency has caused as well.

OafTobark 521 days ago | link

I've shared numbers openly my whole life, never had an issue. I understand why company policies exist though in our own company, we never implemented any such rule. As with the rest of the world, I've never not told. If anything, it irked me a bit that others weren't open about it, especially if they were asking me those same questions.

I can't say my experience speaks for everyone else, but I can't imagine why it'd ever be an issue disclosing these things openly.


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