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I'll definitely re-work on both the code and the doc. I've read that there is a kind of localStorage portage for IE8- that I'll look into.

Currently, if the browser does not support localStorage, the plugin auto-disable.


IE8 supports both local and sessionStorage.

Which leads me to an aside — Why did you choose localStorage over sessionStorage?

For those who don't know — local/session are the same, only session will be cleared when the browser is closed.

My browser already auto completes form data… so I'm not sure I'd need it between sessions.

what about when the browser crashes?

Sure, if you think thats a valid use case to build for. I don't.

Why not? This is a plug-in aimed to help in the event something happened with the browser window. Besides accidently closing it there aren't many other scenarios where this plug-in would be useful.

well, if you use a modern browser it's an unfortunate reality, regardless of how you or I think it wrong

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