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> don't let your users lose their form data

This is a huge problem, and is the reason I've had Lazarus installed for a few years now.


Apparently it exists for Chrome now, too.

Thinking about it, I'm mildly amazed that the browsers themselves didn't solve this problem back in 1996 or so.

Maybe it's a security issue? With some sites you might not want that information saved, perhaps.

Good call. Not thought about that. At least, it is shown to the user, and not hidden and recorded secretly.

Opera saves forms when possible. It also has instant backward navigation from cache. I guess it saves forms on cached pages.

Firefox seems to do this sometimes too. (e.g. I went backwards then forwards while typing this, and my text was retained.)

Form content recall is a native Chrome feature now.

Do you have a link? I've followed Chrome development pretty closely and have never seen that. I too use Lazarus.

Not a link, but without any plugins of that type installed, this is the behavior I've had for a long time now. (I use Chrome for everything until I need to test apps in FF).

Could you explain that? I lost forms yesterday that I couldn't see any way to recall.

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