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I just hope everyone gets to use it. I added it to my "great to have" Javascript libraries list. Good work!

Ruben, can you please share your "great to have" Javascript libraries list? It sounds promising.

It's still a work in progress, but of course! I have many (many!) bookmarked pages with more libraries in my instapaper feed, some emails to myself and a few emacs .org files I use as buckets. I just decided to start collecting them last week and made a quick sweep-clean with the most recent tabs I had open and the few I had linked to recently:

1.1 Markdown 1.1.1 http:// attacklab.net/showdown/

1.2 DBs 1.2.1 http://jazzrecord.org

1.3 Unit tests 1.3.1 http://jsunittest.com/

1.4 Documentation 1.4.1 http://www.naturaldocs.org/ 1.4.2 http://fitzgen.github.com/pycco/

1.5 Visual 1.5.1 http://lab.hakim.se/kort/

1.6 localStorage 1.6.1 Redis inspired, at twilio https://github.com/twilio/BankersBox 1.6.2 Amplify.store http://amplifyjs.com/api/store/ 1.6.3 Persistent form data http://guillaumepotier.github.com/Garlic.js/

I'll probably end up posting the list (or the mind map that forms it) on my blog sooner or later (probably as soon as I hit 30 or when I finish my current Javascript RTE project)

Anyone else ending up on a "UPVC Doors and Windows" site when going to http://jsunittest.com/ ?

Jsunit's site is dead, too. http://qunitjs.com/ looks like a good one having similar abilities (test in browser was my main feature for this one)

Hmmm indeed. I'll find another one ;)


You should gather that in a cool markdown file on a github repo that every one could fork and suggest / add their own good libs :)

Good idea Guillaume ;) (and great work here!) I think it will make for an interesting git for my almost empty repositories!

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