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Actually when I purchased my MINI I had a great experience. I walked into the show room and the salesman asked me if I wanted to drive a car (they only sold 1 car with 3 options for engine and suspension tuning at the time). I said yes, he took my license and copied it then handed me the keys. Told me to go down the road and where to turn to get to some relatively empty roads. Then said see you later. I took the car out, drove it and knew that day I was going to get the car it was just a matter of figuring out manual or automatic and which of the engine options.

Fast forward a few days I walked in and purchased the car. They have it ready the next day. Problem is they forgot the temporary plates and we didn't notice that. I drove it 40 miles home and then discovered the plates. The salesman drove the plates out to my home address on his way home from work.

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