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I evaluated Toshiba laptops during my shopping for personal laptop last year, however the price was not impress (in Singapore) and the build seemed flimsy compared to ThinkPad. So for more high-end options I would go for a ThinkPad or MacBook(with VM), for cheaper alternatives I would go for Dell or Asus. I still don't see much competitiveness for Toshiba laptops (and also Fujitsu, just FYI).

After some considerations, I found myself couldn't be too happy without a decent command line interface, ergo I bought a 15" MacBook Pro and upgraded it to 16GB of memory. The office suite that I use once in a while is taken care by Win7 running in a VM.

I report that I am a happy man now and have no regret. Every cent spent on MBP is worth-while. This post is not meant to hard-sell Apple laptop, just sharing my own shopping experience.

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