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>But “compared to the $2.50 we pay for a regular football, the current cost difference for the more durable solution is currently too high.”

My brain hurts. If a ball that costs $20 and lasts 30 years is too expensive, then a ball that costs $2.50 and lasts a day is also too expensive. This is not a difficult math problem.

One possible problem is that they say (estimate) that the new model last 30 years. (Let's wait until 2040 and see.) It's very difficult to estimate how many years it will last with the real use.

* What happens when they get wet? Does it get a lot of mold?

* What happens during a flood?

* How fast the surface wears away?

* What happens when a dog bites it?

* Does the dirt accumulate inside and make the ball heavier?

It's looks like an interesting idea, but the 30 years claim is a little optimistic.

Even so, it only has to last 8 days to break even.

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