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From the Massachusetts law:

(c) It shall be deemed a violation of subsection (a) of section 3 for a manufacturer, distributor or franchisor representative:


(10) to own or operate, either directly or indirectly through any subsidiary, parent company or firm, a motor vehicle dealership located in the commonwealth of the same line make as any of the vehicles manufactured, assembled or distributed by the manufacturer or distributor.



> The Gallery does not sell cars, but serves as a place to educate visitors about our groundbreaking electric vehicles.

The website does not say this about Tesla's other locations.


Can they order the car on premises (even if it is a computer with a web browser in the studio)?


I can go to McDonalds and order an Apple computer by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE. I can also do so by using McDonald's wireless. If I don't have a computer or phone I can go to the library and use theirs.

Is McDonalds a Apple dealer because I can order an Apple from inside the restaurant? Is the city library an Apple dealer?

If the argument is true that this location, which does not accept money or purchases, and which does not deliver cars, is a car dealership, only because some people are using the internet to place deposits on cars with a company in another state, then the library and McDonalds are Apple dealers.

And furthermore, since I can also access http://carsdirect.com from the library and McDonalds, then under this principle, the library and McDonalds are both car dealers as well.


Look, you can throw up all the theoretical scenarios that don't relate to the specific laws all you want, but it does not change this:

does a car manufacture have a place displaying their car in which the car can be ordered.

Apple is not party to any of the car franchise laws (there are no computer franchise laws) and McDonalds doesn't make cars. We are talking about a case relating to actual laws.


yep - down vote the truth when it doesn't fit with your desires


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