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You could also sit in a steel fold-up chair while you program and probably get about the same amount done over the course of a day. Dvorak layout is like the Herman Miller office chair of layouts. (or maybe colemak is, but its not qwerty)

As a Dvorak user, I came to this thread happy to discuss the pros and cons (I usually chime in on these threads). But it bothers me that the top the thread is someone who is so close-minded. Plus its obvious that you have never learned dvorak, so it also bothers me that you got any upvotes at all.

Agreed. I also use Dvorak since a about five years and quite like it. I wanted to discuss interesting similarities to Dvorak, like the 'a' and 'm' keys are on the same place on all three layouts. (In an earlier assignment I created shell scripts with these names to switch the layouts). I think choice is great and I like mine, and it's not like anyone is forced to use an alternative layout. Op is just unnecessary negative without even knowing what he talks about. Way to go.

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