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> i have an kinesis advantage pro too, hence i am wondering why you are using a keyboard tray and which one?

I don't remember which one, it's a huge flat thing that just looks like a big surfboard. I can try to find out later.

Why I use it is simple: when sitting with correct posture, the distance between my eyes and my resting hands is further than just using my desk allowed. The keyboard tray lowers the keyboard further without having to lower the entire desk and raising the monitor to a comical height.

> a) home row changes. isn't this a big problem in vim, as in, you have to re-map basically every shortcut (otherwise you are basically de-dvoraking)

I found an easy solution for this, see the bottom of my vimrc: https://github.com/codemac/config/blob/master/vimrc

    noremap d h
    noremap h j
    noremap t k
    noremap n l
    noremap k d
    noremap l n
    noremap j t
    noremap ^Wd ^Wh
    noremap ^Wh ^Wj
    noremap ^Wt ^Wk
    noremap ^Wn ^Wl
    inoremap ^] ^[A
    inoremap ð ^N
Keep in mind I mostly use emacs these days, which is an entirely different set of ergonomic challenges :) However, those changes seemed to have worked well for me.

> b) wouldn't you need different dvorak layouts for different tasks? ruby needs different keys on the homerow than java, which is different to plain english which is then different to plain german etc

You must answer the question for yourself: How much english vs. ruby vs. java do I type?

For me? most of my variables are English based, and all my symbols ()[]@$& etc.. are all in different places on a Kinesis keyboard anyways.

There may be a case for specialized layouts, but I think the amount of English that is keyed far outweighs any specialization.

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