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Hey, thanks! I fixed it just now. :)

There will be a conference about "writing time machines with python and javascript" in March 1978, next year. Haha :P :D

It's a well known fact that Python and Javascript aren't suited to writing time machines :)

Admitting that time travelling is in apparence going forward in time but visiting moments of the past, let me explain why :

They aren't evolved enough to have the integer overflow feature :(

Unlike C or low level languages which are all perfectly well suited for writing time machines (and also millennium bugs ...).

Time is a dangerous thing, it must not be handled foolishly with 32 bit timestamps (the 2038 bug will tell us why).

I've got a startup to build and some code to write, unfortunately all these time travelling matters haven't helped ;)

Hello Dr. Emmett Brown! :)

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