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I ignored the other comment, but since people are trying to quote stuff, I feel it's important to put it right. Football is the official name in the United Kingdom and especially England. We don't have the Association Football Association but rather the Football Association. It doesn't not have a prefix when it's referred to in any form of media at all. 'Beach Soccer' has no relevance here.

"Association Football: the game controlled by FIFA and organised in accordance with the Laws of the Game." [FIFA Statutes, July 2012 edition, page 5 (definition 12)]


This definition applies to the FA per it's constitution and bylaws.

"All Clubs and Aiffliated Associations shall play and/or administer football in conformity with these Rules and also: (a) The Laws of the Game (as defifned in the Articles); and (b) the statutes and regulations of FIFA and UEFA which are in force from time to time." [THE RULES OF THE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION LIMITED, page 1]


Here is a list of references to "association football" on the FA's Website: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Athefa.com+%22associat...

"Beach Soccer" is of course relevant because that's the name of the game sanctioned by FIFA.

Oh, I see what you've done there. In the very thing you quote, it refers to Football and Football Associations. For further reference, we look no further than Federation of International Football Associations and Union of European Football Associations. Which is not FIAFA nor UEAFA.

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