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When I read this article I honestly thought to myself "Are you kidding me??"

Stripe makes receiving payments incredibly easy; easier than it has ever been before. Yet, somehow you complain that you need to deal with edge cases? There will always be edge cases... if your biggest issue in dealing with payments is handling taxes then I would say you are doing alright.

Would it be a useful feature? Sure. Is it worth taking the time to write about? Hell no.

>Yet, somehow you complain that you need to deal with edge cases

He's not complaining, he's giving feedback and his wishlist.


Also, there are scenarios when taxes are exempt on particular items and services. This could even occur on a per-item level.

Multiply that by your regional settings and you got some nice bloat.


Absolutely. Even the StreamLined Sales Tax Governing Board rules are not comprehensive. They have many different product categories, but they do not have them all. They pay various companies to provide sales tax data to Internet businesses, but the companies I've dealt with basically do the minimum possible and aren't terribly interested in improving. The bottom line is that if you want to be safe around taxes, you have to hire a lawyer and have them investigate the tax situation with your particular category of product in all the different areas it's going to be offered. Really, that's not something I envision anyone doing for free. It's not something you could just do once. Podunk, UT might have a city council meeting next week decreeing a 27% tax on your product/service with penalty of death if you do not charge the tax to your customers.


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