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And this ball probably isn't for) those people. Sort of how you can tell when a basketball or a football is not regulation, or one of those self-inflating ones. It's just not the same and won't satisfy a player who wants a "proper" ball (get them a regulation ball)

Obviously the ball isn't the same as a regulation ball, but the point is that the game is not being played on pristine World Cup pitches, but rather in dirt lots, streets, on cement, etc... So rather than sending over inflatable balls that are essentially unusable and thrown away after only a few uses, why not offer something more durable that is very similar.

Would you rather have a ball made out of trash that falls apart when you kick it, a "proper" ball that gets torn to shreds, or this "not regulation" ball that can withstand any abuse you throw at it?

This seems like a no-brainer to me. These kids don't need a regulation ball, and they deserve better than trash.

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