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Thoughts on Entrepreneurship with Jason Fried (samuelrsolomon.com)
31 points by srs0001 on Nov 9, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

What's up with the fake "positive" comments at the bottom of this thread? Makes you think this was manipulated up (every user has -3 karma). Always sad to see and it feels like this has been happening more frequently.

Unless you know that those users actually manipulated the post, your post is relegated to gut-based conjecture.

In a post below this, user Asian11 admitted to a group of people being his peers and classmates. They also used the word "we". That seems to be more than 'gut based conjecture'.

That user was created the same day and has only 1 post.

Funny, thats the same background as yourself - now the occurrence of those two similar profiles and comments seems a little more contrived than what was previously suggested.

Well that answers my question — Can Jason Fried code? Answer: soon.

He's a graphic designer by trade.

Well, I think he's an entrepreneur by trade, but I always if he put in the time to learn Ruby/Rails with all that expertise around. As someone who's been slowly learning to program myself for years, I'd love to get his perspective on it.


(Meta-comment warning)

I appreciate that you and Sam's other friends want to show support but you're doing your friend a disservice by just saying "good job" on HN. These kinds of comments without substance typically get down-voted quite severely. People are likely to think that HN is getting manipulated and spammed when all of the comments are like that.

(I haven't down-voted any of you.)

I don't think all these are actually Sam's friends, they just saw all the other posts and played along.

I was very tempted as well.

Actually we're his peers... we go to the same school man.

Note that the blog itself has comments where praise not appropriate for HN can be left.

Great summery, Sam. I feel like I was actually there.

Awesome recap!!!

nice writeup Sam.

Great post, Sam.

Awesome post Sam!

Great recap Sam. And nice photo.

Thanks for the summary of his talk Sam, it was a great read

This is awesome. Great article Sam!

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