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Is there a blog post about this? I get most of it but a couple things, namely how the css transitions interact with the property updates in in the veer & fly functions and how opacity is governed. Good show, nice example of a tidy little JS object!

Hey, thanks! I haven't written anything about txtbirds yet, but might soon. In the meantime, a brief explanation about those transitions and property updates:

- With the exception of the `margin` transition, all the transitions are set to 10 seconds — roughly each bird's lifespan.

- The `left` and `top` transitions move the bird toward the center from a randomly-assigned position on the screen.

- The `font-size` and `color` transitions create the impression that the bird is receding into the distance, getting smaller and more lightly-colored.

- The `margin` transition governs the veering. Every half-second, the bird is given new, randomish left- and top-margins. The transition (set to slightly less than a second in duration, after some trial-and-error) smooths that shift.

haha the text is faded to BG color, not alpha 0%... not sure why this possibility didn't occur to me. Thanks!

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