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"In May, Chevrolet, the General Motors division, agreed to buy 1.5 million One World Futbols over the next three years and donate them to needy children. "

"At the end of September, the factory in Taiwan that produces the balls has been working two shifts a day to meet its target of 45,000 balls a month."

Do we have a production problem? Maybe I missed it but it seems so. If Chevrolet is buying 1.5m balls in three years, that's 500,000 balls per year. If production is ideally reaching 45,000 balls per month, that's leaving very few for defects and other buyers.

The other thing I thought of is that, if the ball is virtually indestructible, at some point there are enough balls deployed/in-place and we can stop production all together, right? At 500,000+ balls per year, how many years will it take before everyone who wants one has one? I know there are a lot of poor areas but surely there's a number at which point critical mass has been reached.

well at 6 billion people on the planet and growing they might just run out of an market in a few thousand years.

??? The market is poor countries/people who cannot afford soccer balls. That's hardly 6 billion.

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