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It is a great idea, if it works like they say it does :) .

I've seen foam footballs before... (after google search):


and they're much cheaper than the proposed one (you can get them for 1-2 dollars), but probably way less durable.

"A lion at the Johannesburg Zoo, who would go through six regular balls a day, played with two balls. A German shepherd spent a year biting on a ball. In every case, the balls withstood the abuse."

That does sound durable. As stated, U$ 40 is way too expensive for a ball, so the only way it will work is if they continue giving them away as part of relief efforts.

Unicef: "“compared to the $2.50 we pay for a regular football, the current cost difference for the more durable solution is currently too high.”"

And the shipping problems are also a hindrance.

"because the balls cannot be deflated, they are more difficult to ship"

Build a factory "over there" and provide employment opportunities. This helps develop infrastructure in a sustainable useful way.

This also provides income replacement for the little children who are no longer stitching traditional footballs.


[1] Sorry for the "over there" which is a lazy perhaps offensive way to refer to the developing world.

I've seen foam footballs before...

I've played with it, my son has one. It has a weird way of bouncing, compared to inflated ones.

Is it "soft" foam, or "hard" foam like the author describes?

Do you think it could be durable as the OneWorldFutbol?

Soft. And no, this kind of ball are not very durable.

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