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Hey HN, QuotePress is a very early version of a new startup we are launching. It originated from a problem that we had: we asked customers "how is everything going? Give us some feedback" and they would simply hit reply to an email and we ended up with a bunch of happy customer stories sitting in our inbox that never got added to our website.

They were also ugly and we sometimes neglected to get explicit permission from customers to post their comment on our website or social media pages.

So, this is a very early beta of what we are planning. We're not quite ready yet to take on new customers but we are interested in hearing your feedback, thoughts and ideas on the concept.

Looks terrific so far -- I've experienced the -exact- same problem countless times and it's great that you guys are tackling it.

A related problem - and perhaps harder to solve - is going a step further: I get those glowing testimonials sitting in my inbox, and then I reply back and say "thanks! Would you mind sharing those thoughts on Yelp/Google/etc.?" 99% of the time, that's the end of the interaction :( Customer either doesn't reply, or replies and says "Sure! I'll go post a review right away." And then they don't.

Ha reading your comment almost had me pointing at the screen saying "yes! us too!".

I really believe that consumers are becoming more and more resistant to old-fashioned marketing so it's important to stop marketing AT people and create an environment where customers will market to each other.

When a customer has a great experience and they are telling you about it you generally want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to hear what they are saying. I think we can help make this a lot easier and more likely for them to do by implementing a one click share option where they'll be able to click on social media share buttons (facebook, twitter, google etc...) and start spreading their testimonial with one click.

I think it could be really valuable if you can link (with permission) to some form of real identity (ie. probably Facebook/LinkedIn profile) - makes customer testimonials more believable.

That makes a lot of sense, thanks. I think that is something sort of like what AirBNB does. We were planning to let them log in with social networks and grab their avatar but creating a profile and showing more of the real person behind it would be even better.

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