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Who are using Haskell as their primary programming language?
11 points by z3phyr 1803 days ago | hide | past | web | 12 comments | favorite
If possible please state, if you are earning money with it or not.

Can I ask what the point of your questions are? What are you truly trying to figure out here?

I guess he is trying to assess the feasibility of Haskell for building real world profitable projects through experience of others.

Then his answer is "yes", because most customers don't care what you develop their solution with, as long as it works to their satisfaction.

May be he is not thinking about customer's opinion and wants to use haskell but is unsure if it is feasible to develop a real world commercial application with it? How much time it takes? What are the pitfalls? etc. He needs the validation by someone who has done it successfully.

+1 to you, thats what I am trying to know. Also being new in the haskell community, I am trying to figure out the aura around haskell....

I do.

Yes, I earn money too.

If possible, Can you specify your job, sir?

I am Senior Software Developer at the Parallel Scientific, Inc.

I probably will say more in Dec. ;)

very cool looking company.

Sounds cool..

I don't often like admitting this but you'll find a much stronger response (~ 10, 000 readers) on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/haskell

You seem to be right, but actually I am testing the response from the hn community.....

Sooner or Later, I will have to go to reddit for this.

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