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I would strongly suggest HTTPie for the majority of these tasks: https://github.com/jkbr/httpie

And I will continue to pitch our curlish instead which does not replace curl but amends it: http://packages.python.org/curlish/

It just wraps curl and adds some nicer options, cookie handling, oauth and colorizing to it. Same command line you are already used to but with some extras that simplify live and make it more enjoyable.

May I ask why? What benefits does HTTPie have?

The GitHub page does a good job of highlighting all of the benefits HTTPie has if you're already familiar with cURL. But for me it's the design of the interface with syntax highlighting being the sugar on top.

See: https://github.com/jkbr/httpie#interface-design , https://github.com/jkbr/httpie#redirected-input , https://github.com/jkbr/httpie#usage

I prefer HTTPie because after years of using curl, I still have to Google simple use cases. HTTPie has a very simple a intuitive api.

Apparently it's for humans.

Thanks for this recommendation. I still value tips on using cURL because it is practically ubiquitous which is helpful when you are logged into some random server, but HTTPie definitely has a very common sense usage and I think it will be very useful as a testing tool for my local machine.

Strongly agree. For Windows users like me, i recommend installing Python and Pip using Chocolatey Nuget and then doing a `pip install httpie` to avoid Windows Python dependency hell and still get httpie.

Here's a pitch for another nice one: http://echohttp.com/

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