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This is a good write up. This is a challenge for Stripe though. They're a payment gateway that can manage recurring payments. Things like taxes and invoices are usually supported by additional applications that run on top of a payment gateway. Edge cases too. So I'm sure they're there saying "Where do we draw the line between where we end and other offerings/services begin"

If they support coupons, I don't see why they can't support taxes. Taxes are just the opposite of coupons and should be relatively easy for them to implement.

One of my developer pet peeves is when 3rd parties (especially ones that think they're helping you) tell you that something they want should be "easy" to do.

Changing the interface to a payment processing gateway, including all of the support documentation and code/security audits, is not easy.

If everyone that wanted something from you prefaced their request with "I don't see why they can't"... you'd probably get annoyed, too.

'Taxes' and 'easy' are two words that never go together.

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