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Is Facebook down or acting slow lately?
5 points by aravindc 1900 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
I find Facebook down intermittently for last 2 hours or so. Facebook API's don't load on my website. I also find Google, Appengine and even HN a bit slow and sometimes down in the last two months? Do others see the same problem from India or elsewhere? What's the reason for the frequent outages?


Is giving alternating answers. Was slow for me and then stopped responding.

It does show down, but it is working for me

Same thing here when connecting from the Netherlands, also sites with google includes (fonts, api etc) are loading slow.

Had trouble in US (near Sandy damage) until I dumped my DNS cache and reopened browsers.

Same here in Pune, FB has been slow in response (observing it for a few days now)

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