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I am 29 and suffered from high blood pressure. I am not particulary overweight but not super lean either. For the past 3 years i have worked at a startup that i founded as a CEO and programmer. Ultimately we failed but it still was a superb experience but the long hours and high stress also had alot of negative impacts on my life.

I got high blood pressure without noticing it, i gained about 10kg in weight, lost a long term (8 years) relationship and always felt stressed and guilty of not doing enough. In the end the product didnt find success and i realized that even if i love my work and love to work hard, i dont want to sacrifice my health and life as a yound adult. Now i go to the gym 4-5 times a week and try to maintain some balance while still working hard and most importantly more efficient. Even in 8 hours of highly focused work you will get alot more done than in grinding it out for 12 hours each day, and with regular exercise you will feel much better and be healthier! I love working out, not only is my blood pressure in excellent condition again and i feel fitter than ever, but it also gives me something else than my coding work to excel at, which is very important to me.

This is just my experience and YMMV, but i learned it the hard way. Think of your health and happiness first!

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