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Redditors are a shit audience that commands shit rates from advertisers, because the only businesses willing to buy space on reddit are those with nothing to lose by association with that virulently misogynist, racist filth (well documented by Gawker, CNN, ShitRedditSays, among others).

There’s a good reason Advance has done everything it can to distance reddit from the premium brands of Condé Nast, short of dumping reddit altogether.

If what you are saying were true President Obama wouldn't have campaigned on reddit two months before the election. Presidential campaigns don't take risks like that. You are vastly overstating the damage to reddit's reputation that small underground subreddits and a handful of users have caused due to a couple days worth of tabloid coverage.

If Advance were worried about reddit tarnishing their brands as you say they'd just have the admins ban anything offensive.

I don't doubt that there is a lot of racism, misogyny, etc, prevalent on Reddit. That doesn't mean that Reddit doesn't have any good qualities. It's like judging America based on the worst qualities of the country and saying, "This is America, why would anyone want to live there."

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