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Best medical journal (Lancet), proper sample-size (579), from first glance it looks OK!

From their discussion there are some caveats:

- mostly white people checked (so if you're Asian, this might not happen)

- MRI has a known bias towards participation of healthy people, as unhealthy people don't like to hear the "news" about their condition

- the study is "cross-sectional", i.e., the MRI is just from one point in time. Having several measurements from the same people over a period of time (in years) would be much, much better.

Here's the original paper in case anyone's got access: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S147444221...

P.S.: To lift your mood, the first comment in the news-article is hilarious: "now the government obama care will start to penalize people with high blood pressure? absurd, they just need more cash."

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