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    So the idea of leveraging pseudo-AMAs for marketing 
    purposes seems like swinging a broom at a hornets nest.
There are many AMAs that exist solely as the internet equivalent of a talk show where a celebrity makes an appearance to promote their latest book or tv series. The problem with the Woody Harrelson AMA was expectations, it was billed as "Ask Woody Harrelson Anything" and then when it came down to it the reality was it was actually "Ask Woody Harrelson anything about Rampart!"

If you set expectations accurately and provide real value then there will be no outrage, there was an AMA a few weeks ago from an ex death row inmate who did the AMA to promote his book, did anyone complain? No, because he was open about it and spent time answering all the questions regardless of their value to his promotional intentions.

Just like if a celebrity went on to Conan O'brien and answered every question with "Okay! So about my new film! It's really great, everyone should go and watch it!" people would be pissed.

Here's a couple of AMAs that I just picked in <1 minute that are promotional but had no complaints:





Cult TV show actress, indie video game developers and cult comic and adventure show host who are memes on Reddit. Reddit fancies these people, and the fact that they didn't pay to post makes it seem more legit. While they may be marketing something, the fact that it's not in your face makes it seem more innocent. Having something on there that specifically states "this is a sponsored AMA, someone is doing this to sell you something" immediately creates a negative reaction. Hiding the sponsorship would just cause paranoia.

Would sponsored AMAs be front paged immediately? Could they be downvoted to hell? Would comments that the sponsor found offensive be removed? Would a company want someone linking to r/SpaceDicks in their AMA? It's kind of a Pandora's box promoting on Reddit.


Does this example work? Top comment, "Let's cut the shit: Buy our new book."

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