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Google Translate's English to Chinese is plain awful as well. At my last job, many of the employees only spoke Mandarin. If I had to communicate with them, I would use Google Translate and copy/paste the Chinese and the English for CYA. There was 2 people who spoke good English and Mandarin, so they were able to correctly translate the meaning. From what they told me, the translations were about 60 to 70% accurate and often comical. I guess the translations never asked my coworkers on a date or cursed them out, but ultimately, outside of the fact that my correspondence never happened unless it was an important issue and thus alerted the recipients that there is a pressing issue, the translations didn't serve much purpose. It was better than zero communication. There just has to be a lot of work done in the field.

I also disagree that having someone doing the translations on the webpage is a good source. One only needs to find Asian companies with direct translations to see how bad the human translations are. Just as those companies generally don't have good English writers, I think it is likely that American companies probably don't have outstanding Japanese / Chinese / et.al. writers.

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