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From that comment thread I found this answer about why Digg failed from Yishan:


    Digg stagnated because it listened to a vocal minority 
    of its community

    but rather they are locked into an unchanging mediocrity 
    by the inherent conservatism of their existing userbase
isn't this EXACTLY what he is doing here? He's letting the minority decide that reddit shouldn't have adverts and shouldn't try and be profitable and should cling to the idea that reddit is one big happy family that is sitting around telling each other stories by the camp fire as they all help fuel that campfire.

Most people I know that use reddit don't have an account, let alone are willing to pay money towards reddit. Shouldn't reddit move forward; accept that yeah some of the vocal minority might hate adverts but with proper advertising they could transform the sites financial situation and hire enough people to make the site able to grow and adapt alongside the demand for the site? Lots of the comments on the blog post seem to have the same sentiment: the reddit admins are never around and the site barely seems to be updated, if people feel that way wouldn't they be happy to take an extra ad or 2 to see that change?

I would love to see an extra 2 adverts on every reddit page if it meant the site could grow and adapt and offer all the features it should have but are left up to the community to build (see: reddit enhancement suite). There's so much reddit could be...

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