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Have had a similar experience like you. I had to change my life. First i started to walk, that was very easy for me. Immediately i felt better, which gave me a big motiviational push. Now i go either swim or to gym every second day. I eat a full breakfast in the morning, a normal meal in the noon and a fancy salad in the evening. No coffein. I also learned simple relaxation techniques. Gymnastics and stretching before going to bed. I do not feel much pressure, actually my body is pretty determined in what it needs now. I just have to follow. So it seems to work for me.

I can sleep again. Back, neck and head pains have vanished, unless i sit longer.

And intellectually, well, yeah, i actually re-think a lot. The past 10 years i have worked at a startup, umm, that is not really a startup anymore, but still feels that stressful and immature. Like i do feel about myself. I did not feel being in control. Anyhow my life was/still is pretty dull. Thats what i try to achieve now, to bring color, beauty and warmth back to my life again. Tough.

Trying to establish more options to chose from. If one thing doesnt work anymore, i can change to something else. I am not getting younger. And who knows, maybe this little attack, that i have experienced, maybe the blood pressure was just one of the symptoms. I could still be dead tomorrow.

Also a way to grow up, folx. Privileges of the youth disappear one day.

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