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My story: at 36 years of age I went to live in Italy... after 13 months my weight went from 92 to 98 kg and BMI from 25 to 27 (yes, I blame the delicious Italian food). I carried the extra weight for 8 years, and ended up with a 160/90 bp, and a variety of minor health issues (posture, sore knees etc). I made a number of attempts to return to 90-92 kg weight, typically around serious exercise. That worked until some disturbance in my life, eg business travel, spoiled the routine - I found it was much harder to restart the exercise than to keep going, and typically ended up putting on weight again.

Today I am back to 92 kg, and off bp medication, with a bp of 120/70. What worked for me in the end was a combination of a few things, but I think the most important one was this: do not treat food consumption as a form of or a substitute for entertainment!

This manifested for me in snacking on sweets when things were going slow at work, eating to excess at restaurants, snacking while watching movies etc. These habits were actually really easy to kick, once identified.

One other easy but significant change: I bought a soda syphon (like this one:http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/280607022341?hlp=false). I reduced my soft drink consumption by at least 90%. I find carbonated water delicious, and now Coke et al taste unbearably sweet. Judging by the CO2 cartridge count, I drank abt 200 liters of carbonated water last year... that much Coke would be roughly equivalent to 10kg fat, calorie-wise.

YMMV, of course, but perhaps the above can provide another tool in your good health toolkit!

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