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The Spitfire is sexy. The work that went in to producing it? Not so much. That's the issue: the people who are being attracted by the "sexy" tag are people who actually don't want to do any of that work.

I dont' see the problem. People are already attracted to engineering for the "wrong" reasons - most of them dig deep enough to discover just how much work it is, and run screaming in the other direction.

And that's fine, now we have someone who's doing something else and better informed to boot.

I'd venture this "problem" is neither a problem nor is it unique to our field. People think making video games is sexy until they see the innards of a game studio. People think making movies is sexy until they actually start doing it. People think being a musician is sexy until they've dealt with labels, marketing, and the royalty system.

So on and so forth.

Nothing executed at a high level is actually that sexy, but that's okay, because it's still sexy to the people who are doing it. Tons of rocket scientists, software engineers, automotive engineers, movie directors, and musicians wake up every day and can't wait to do the myriad of supposedly boring things they find sexy.

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