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Ask HN: How does HN's algorithm know if a post came from a YC company?
8 points by awwstn 900 days ago | 3 comments
When YC companies post to HN, they go straight to page 1. Is this because of the account that posted, the URL of the post, or something else?

I assume they have their own "submit page" that normal users don't see.


This is false, the submit page is the same non-yc people use. They also do not go straight to page 1. There is literally no advantage other than

1. putting "YC (s|w)(04..12)" causes users to notice quicker and upvote more 2. the YC network itself.. batchmates upvote each other, and this voting ring boost is under constant combat from pg.


I believe he's talking about the job posts that don't allow comments.


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