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"Keep in mind though, this will probably be the only year we do this..."

Why assert that it's a one-time thing if the conference has only been growing every year?

Because; 2014 and 2015 are happening in Montreal CA rather than a larger US venue. The reason why we can do this in 2013 is due to, as they say, "location, location, location". We have the projected attendance to back the expansion this year, but I sincerely doubt we will in other locations and venues.

I'd rather hedge now, then set the expectations it will "always be this big" - because honestly, I don't think PyCon should continue to expand, and that this should be a one time thing for the conference.

Long term; the PSF and PyCon itself will end up pushing more and more local / regional conferences and capping attendance at the 2500 attendee level intentionally.

tl;dr: Continued unbounded growth in attendance, number of tracks, etc will dilute the conference and take it in a direction most within the community and the foundation do not wish it to go in.

To be more precise, Pycon 2014-15 is in Montreal, Canada, not, Montreal, California.

Sorry, can't help but abbreviate Canada to CA

Perhaps OT, but I attended a YAPC in Montreal. What a fantastic city to visit, and the conference fit in very well. If you (speaking generally) can and your housing option permits, I'd recommend taking a couple of extra days to kick around town.

PyCon 2014-2015 is hosted in the Palais des Congrès, which is downtown, so you will not need a hotel room for PyCon and another in town for tourism.

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