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Thanks for the comment. We appreciate the kind words on the ui.

To address your concerns:

- The stylesheet from the demo seems to work as expected. It mixes absolutely positioned elements and elements inside containers. The goal of that demo is to show the flexibility. I suppose the usage of absolutely positioned elements isnt obvious.

- When using the bootstrap containers, elements snap to bootstrap's grid systems. When you dont use the containers, you can use the built in grid. Under the grid menu, you can turn on/off the grid and a 960gs grid system.

- I'd like to know more about the bugs. We'll fix the issue with the upgrade path. I didnt see your email address in your hn profile. Please email me at ben@easel.io and let me know which features dont work and which ones are an eyesore.

-- did the bootstrap dropdown not work? There should be 2 other options: 'Easel Pack' and 'Icons'

-- We'll think about the best way to allow hiding/resizing of the inspector.

Thanks again for the comment.

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