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Wow 6 replies here and nobody has specifically called out latency.

I have a verizon LTE device that I tether with from time to time, and the ping times I get to my home server are insane, usually around 20ms. When I tether on my HSPA galaxy nexus, ping times are usually around 100+ms.

Now this could be verizon vs t-mobile and not LTE vs HSPA (or some mix). Verizon is the only/main LTE-supporting provider right now, so LTE and Verizon are conflated in my mind, for better or for worse.

Do you have a more convincing measurement than ping times to some other location?

Do you have real-looking latency data for the first few hops from your phone? (...keeping in mind that latency information for intermediate hops is not always accurate.)

100ms vs 20ms could be t-mobile peering with your home ISP in some far away city, while Verizon peers locally. Based on only pings, you'd never know.

Ahh, a quick bit of googling does seem to suggest that LTE should provide lower latency than HSPA. That certainly is a benefit, much more so IMHO than the bandwidth numbers we see carriers boasting about!

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