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I set up Graphite+StatsD for a project back in the spring of 2011, it was a ton of trouble. StatsD was easy, but Graphite was really hard. It was a challenge to find up-to-date documentation where big sections weren't marked simply "TODO". I also never solved a bug where my counters were getting graphed as tiny numbers like 0.02 rather than 1, despite repeatedly wiping the box and experimenting with different config settings. Things seemed to be a little better about 6 months later, but I still couldn't solve the 0.02 problem. I love the simplicity of StatsD, and I liked how Graphite let me use the URL API to build very useful dashboards for both technical and business metrics, but the setup was a big hassle. I spent days fighting with it, a big cost for a startup. I'd use StatsD again, but with a different database/frontend, probably something hosted.

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