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Well the difference is, you can just buy a different Android phone which is just as powerful but doesn't have these 'defects'. The choice is yours. With an iPhone, you either buy one "with no LTE, non-removable battery, no SD card slot and glass front and back" or you don't buy an iPhone at all.

The iPhone 5 has LTE and an aluminum back.

Edit: Not being snarky. Just a minor correction.

Thanks, +1, but I was just replying to the parent comment, which was implying that Android fans are being unfair as they disliked 4S for the reasons mentioned but seem to be okay with those reasons now. I'm pointing out that it is about choice. I didn't know that iPhone 5 has LTE. If I did, I'd have used the past tense.

I think he was referring to the state of the world prior to iPhone 5 being announced.

But then how will I find a phone that doesn't have crap-ware preinstalled by the carrier by default, and allows a user to update to the latest version of the OS without going through the carrier?

2011 called, it wants its 4S back.

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