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The guys at MIT makes things that the guys at Harvard make money off of. If you compare the two universities by who is running the executive functions and owns the capital of the tech companies where MIT folks do the grunt work, I think you'd see Harvard comes out way ahead. This is not to say that MIT grads don't also go into these roles (there area lot of MIT-funded companies, like BBN, etc), but rather that Harvard grads are more likely to do so.

Arguing that "importance" of a university can be quantified by "how much money the graduates make" is even more pathetic than bickering over which university is more important.

I sincerely hope this is tongue-in-cheek.

Partly. It's what I imagine would be the wildly self-important reply of Harvard graduates to the wildly self-important tone of the article.

But at the same time, "how much money graduates make" has a special relevance in a country where we determine how worthy you are of health care based on how much money you make.

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