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I have a Nexus S (Samsung too) and I have dropped that phone many many times (I like the Swing the phone between my Fingers). That thing is stable, sure the cover springs of and the battery falls out but it keeps working and the screen still hole too.

Good Phone the Nexus S.

It's really easy to drop the Nexus S. The back is too slippery.

I think the Nexus S is one of the most functional phones of the last two years. I kept returning to it after trying other phones. I will be upgrading to the Nexus 4. Although, I travel a lot with a backpack and having multiple batteries allows me up to 4 days without charging. I guess we're giving up functionality for design.

I might attempt a DIY groin charger.

> I might attempt a DIY groin charger.

? :)

Mmh ja a little. But most of the time is just me spinning the phone around in may hand or trying to flip it over my finger when im bored. Much more fun then most games that you can get on the smarephone.

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