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Could you comment on the points that have been made about removed features in nautilus and things like removing launchers? I'm not a heavy linux user myself but those issues stroke me as very significant, to the extent that I would never touch gnome3 because of this.

This article has a good summary of features removed from Nautilus 3.6:


It's pretty easy to replace Nautilus with Nemo though (the Cinnamon fork version that emulates the old Nautilus).

The fact that you have a fork which is basically a point-in-time frozen version of a tool whose newest version nobody wants to use is pretty telling.

The Gnome team would be wise to listen in on the feedback from the community. If they want a community that is. They seem to think that this "Gnome brand", "Gnome identity" and "Gnome platform" is the most important thing they need to concern themselves with these days.

I just copied a .sh script to my desktop and clicked on it. It launched the application. However the right click and make new shortcut has been removed. Was it a feature , yes. Should they have kept it, I say no You can't keep every menu option ever in all your dialogs. There are other ways ( and better ways ) to do the same thing.

What are those other and better ways? The ability to bind random, personalized, easy to create scripts to file actions has been removed as far as I can tell.

Not being able to drop a shell script into some place to make GUI file management easier is a regression. (I say "some place" because when I was using this feature, it took forever to find the right place as it changed between released/distributions and I had to experiment to find the right set of env vars that are set, because docs were lacking).

Pretty sure nautilus scripts still work; I'm on gnome 3.6 and have a bunch.


I wouldn't bet on it in the long run though, the way they are murdering through features.

There are other ways ( and better ways ) to do the same thing.

Why don't I get to decide this for myself?

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