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Essentially this is where I am - I've completed about 1/4 of codecademy's codeyear, and I'm digging into Arduino pretty well (hello self-driving trash can). Codecademy covered the basic concepts well, but I'd like to make sure there aren't any concepts I'm missing. If I'm doing something the hard way, I'd like someone with more experience to tell me.

I've already got a BA in business, and while repaying college loans, I really can't afford to pay for college classes to be able to meet with a professor. Besides, I'm not sure that college courses would teach me electronics and programming faster than I can teach myself. (College was a good experience, but I'm not trying to get another BA)

I'd almost like to start a service connecting interested learners with subject-matter mentors. In fact, some type of mentorship/tutoring program could be an integral part of a good hackerspace.

Not sure if this is a feasible where you live, but there are a lot of "code with other coders" meetups in SF and NYC. If you come with a programming sticking point, there are fresh eyes that can help you though it. I like codeacademy, but find its structure limiting; you can literally just go through courses parroting off information without learning best practices or antipatterns.

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