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This is great, and honestly I've found the same. I'm actually taking this term off from school to work on my business while remaining on campus. I also need to follow a pretty rigorous exercise schedule as I'm on the varsity track team.

I've found that achieving a consistent sleep and exercise schedule has been extremely difficult without any real commitments in the morning. I think one of the best things you can do to stick to a schedule is to commit yourself to something at 9am every morning.

That said -- the evenings are hard not to indulge. Weed and alcohol are pretty hard to resist... got any tips for that? :)

Hang out with people who don't like weed and alcohol.

"Hang out with boring people" isn't good advice, because it's very difficult to follow.

Try finding something you'd rather be doing than drinking with people in the evenings. But that's also not very good advice. I'm not sure if there is good advice for this, but I was in a frat...

You are incredibly immature if you think the only way to not be "boring" is too smoke weed and drink alcohol.

> Weed and alcohol are pretty hard to resist... got any tips for that?

Get some self control.

That's easier said than done. There needs to be a mechanism to reinforce said "self control". It's not good enough to just repeatedly tell yourself "I'm going to do better" (Although that is a good first step). I don't have any magic answers here, but willpower alone is not enough to change habits.

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