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I've dropped my galaxy nexus plenty, and its still getting by without a kink in the screen or the body, albeit scratches on the corners.

When I first bought my Galaxy Nexus I was petrified that it'd end up with scratches galore. I've dropped it a number of times and it's still great.

The first few Galaxy phones by Samsung were terrible and turned a lot of people away from Android, but they've more than made up for it with the Nexus and recent releases.

Yeah I've dropped mine a lot of times and the screen didn't crack, just got a few minor scratches. Then I got some new jeans that were a bit tighter than my normal ones and I cracked it in my pocket with a hairline crack going across the screen horizontally.

Direct blows = pretty good. Torque from twisting = damn it.

My screen broke somehow when it was sitting in my backpack. Not the best construction ever.

Considering that the Galaxy Nexus doesn't have Gorilla Glass, the fact that this doesn't happen to most people speaks to its quality construction.

IIRC, you couldn't get curved Gorilla Glass back then so Google decided to go with regular glass rather than give up the subtle curve.

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