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I tried switching from an iPhone to a Galaxy Nexus and I couldn't. Not because of the software mind you, but because of what you mentioned: the bulk.

I'm used to being to hold the phone easily in one hand, and thumbing through some random trivia on the train to work. I found this difficult, or at least precarious feeling, on the Galaxy Nexus because of just how damned big it is. I heavily disliked how the phone practically begged for two hands to be operated.

It also felt huge in my pocket, though I suspect it's not enough of annoyance to stop me from carrying a compelling enough device - but the Galaxy Nexus isn't that.

That's funny because when I try to switch from my Galaxy Nexus to my wife's iPhone 4s, I get annoyed with the smallness of the screen for reading, and the sharp edges are less comfortable in my pocket than the Nexus. I suspect it has a lot to do with what you're used to.

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