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> The other complaint I've heard is that this phone has a glass back, and it will break if you drop it. This is true, but guess what? Every phone will break if you drop it. Electronics aren't made to be dropped.

Say what you will about their recent problems, but Nokia made phones that were solid. I dropped them on numerous occasions without problems.

I've been pretty happy with the Samsung phone that replaced my Nokia (wanted Android, not due to a fall!) - it seems well made, and I figured I'd get a new Samsung when the time came. This looks pretty compelling, although getting one in Italy might be a PITA.

> Electronics aren't made to be dropped.

And yet people drop them, all the time. So the philosophy of "build it as if it will never be dropped" may be worth re-examining.

It worked for Apple for 2 years, and I remember reviewers paying little attention to that aspect because of how beautiful it was. But I've never been a fan of the iPhone 4 build quality, so I agree manufacturers should prioritize using more solid, preferably non-plasticky materials.

All the smartphones I've owned (T-mobile G1, Nokia N900, Samsung Galaxy S2) have been dropped repeatedly onto floors, concrete, and down stairs. None had cases, and none were affected in their functionality by this treatment (even the slider G1!). The SGS2 is a bit dented on all four corners and the back and corners are scratched up, but it's never had a problem working. I'm glad I've had the good luck to buy durable phones.

The G1 is possibly the sturdiest in that bunch, actually.

I have a Nexus S (Samsung too) and I have dropped that phone many many times (I like the Swing the phone between my Fingers). That thing is stable, sure the cover springs of and the battery falls out but it keeps working and the screen still hole too.

Good Phone the Nexus S.

It's really easy to drop the Nexus S. The back is too slippery.

I think the Nexus S is one of the most functional phones of the last two years. I kept returning to it after trying other phones. I will be upgrading to the Nexus 4. Although, I travel a lot with a backpack and having multiple batteries allows me up to 4 days without charging. I guess we're giving up functionality for design.

I might attempt a DIY groin charger.

> I might attempt a DIY groin charger.

? :)

Mmh ja a little. But most of the time is just me spinning the phone around in may hand or trying to flip it over my finger when im bored. Much more fun then most games that you can get on the smarephone.

I've dropped my galaxy nexus plenty, and its still getting by without a kink in the screen or the body, albeit scratches on the corners.

When I first bought my Galaxy Nexus I was petrified that it'd end up with scratches galore. I've dropped it a number of times and it's still great.

The first few Galaxy phones by Samsung were terrible and turned a lot of people away from Android, but they've more than made up for it with the Nexus and recent releases.

Yeah I've dropped mine a lot of times and the screen didn't crack, just got a few minor scratches. Then I got some new jeans that were a bit tighter than my normal ones and I cracked it in my pocket with a hairline crack going across the screen horizontally.

Direct blows = pretty good. Torque from twisting = damn it.

My screen broke somehow when it was sitting in my backpack. Not the best construction ever.

Considering that the Galaxy Nexus doesn't have Gorilla Glass, the fact that this doesn't happen to most people speaks to its quality construction.

IIRC, you couldn't get curved Gorilla Glass back then so Google decided to go with regular glass rather than give up the subtle curve.

The problem is not so much the glass back as it is no removable battery. With a removable battery, when the phone is dropped, it ejects and takes the force of the fall.

For me, HTC Hero is the most solid phone I've owned. I dropped it at least 5 times and there's nothing but paint scratches. At least 2 of my Nokias chipped the plastic at the corner on first drop (and not more than that).

I'm looking for a new Android phone that's as good as the Hero.

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